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Illusion Space of

What is this space about?

There are many illusions bubbles defined by every humans for them. We either find answers to it or discard it.
I'm creating mine and forming opinions on:

Developer mindset

Ability to make software is a power of creation. This mindset comes up with a lot of baises forming illusions. Not every developer can make best products. Doesn't agree? Let's talk, I can break your opinion.

Product Control

With the ability to create, obession of having control over it is common. Although, that's not quite right. It's an lame illusion.


Testers are treated as negative thinkers. It's an illusion. They just prove things doesn't work. Not every non-coder becomes tester. Some become testers to tell developers how to write better code.

At times I write about some random connected dots

Patents & Products

Patents to me is like entering the world of predictions. When software helps, I find it fascinating as if a layer of illusion got changed for future.

Corporate World

Corporate can help you understand many illusions in your journey. Understanding there and applying them somewhere else is a cool usecase.


Humans have their understanding to of the world being passed on since ages. That's a loop of illusions. I've got mine.

Where do I write about it?

Ohh yeah, I share some of my findings about these illusions here

My current playground
My Ex-Playgrounds