Who am I?

I'm Hanisha Arora.
Currently working as ASE in GreyB. Here I'm developer's Advocate in the Shadows(they just don't know it yet), mastering the Red Team's Domain while crafting some of my code with my team.

Too formal introduction?
sudo reboot
To me this world is full of illusions, where everyone is forming their own defination of this illusion be it the daily life stuff, values, priniciples or anything. This is furthur passed on forever. No one knows the truth but only have their own satisfactory understandings to everything.

First understanding
The initial set of human who started working for earning is shit. They are the reason now everyone has to work to survive. How good it would have been when everyone's under priveliged living in caves.

Second understanding
I met coding in college. It opened the door of creation. I can create my imaginations using it. I had found a new obsession now.
Fun fact: My first github profile had username - WhyIExist [Not quite a good username to be proud of]

Third understanding
I started wandering in testing in 2020 in patent industry - which I considered 2 wrong decisions together. 1 year later, I started getting the hang of it. With time, I started exploring the bridge between patents, developers and why I am here. Patents introduced me to a new world where testing can't be based on standards, where you can't code like the competetive programming. This was some exciting reason to tear the hair out. So, still in the process of bridging that gap.

BTW, this is me